All in one machine

Advantages for your company

Quality coffee beans

  • Preservation of smell and aroma
  • Intense flavour without losing nuances
  • Perfect density thanks to its texture

Personalised service

  • Fortnightly or monthly replenishment depending on consumption
  • Delivery of coffee beans, cups and selected accessories

Method of payment

  • Contactless
  • Subsidised
  • Automatic debit

Sustainable coffee

  • At Cafes Pont we apply and develop methodologies to contribute to a more ecological, sustainable and responsible future, guaranteeing the maximum sustainability of the production process.

Maintenance service

  • Includes cleaning tablets
  • Annual change of the water filter.
  • Replacement of machine in case of breakdown.

Taste the quality of the best coffee beans

Free coffee machine

Innovation, Quality and Sustainability in a single machine


– Smartphone management
– Intuitive operation
– Automatic cleaning


– More than 70 years of experience
– Origin coffee beans
– Processing without chemical processes


– Ecology
– No capsules
– Long shelf life

Sustainable coffee beans

The best combination for your tasting

As a gift with the test machine, our exquisite coffees:

NATUR Coffee

A selection of 100% organic and 100% Arabica coffees, born as a result of our commitment to our customers and the environment. The pigments of its tabby cream, together with the fragrance of black liquorice and sunflower seeds, leave a pleasant herbal aftertaste in the mouth.


A very well-balanced blend, created especially for baristas and coffee lovers. Its initial notes of toasted bread and nuts delicately give way to hints of orange and chocolate, balancing each cup with its fine acidity, flavour and intense body. Its dense, hazelnut-coloured crema goes perfectly with all imaginable combinations with milk.

Join the planet and get rid of capsules in your company.

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