Since the beginnings of Cafés Pont, we have always pursued the same goal: to provide our customers with a quality product.

How do we do it? We establish direct contact with the producers from each origin. We receive the green coffee at our factory in Sabadell, where we roast and treat each blend in order to achieve the best result. Finally, a dedicated human team, committed to providing our clientele with the utmost convenience so they don’t have to worry about a thing, completes the service we offer.

We only work with producers who follow practices consistent with the coffee world, not compromising quantity over quality. They maintain sustainability in all their processes and have a commitment to the continuity of quality, such as through the improvement of mechanical equipment.

We have a human team that works at the disposal of our clients with great problem-solving abilities, ready to address any unforeseen circumstances that may arise.

We collaborate closely with our customers with the aim of growing together.

Coffee Experts for Over 70 Years

Armand and Feliu Pont are the two brothers who embarked on the journey of Cafés Pont in 1952. Born in America, they were children of a family of merchants from Sabadell. They were still young when they came to Sabadell and ended up staying. From an early age, they were involved in commerce, helping at home with the business of manufacturing and selling soap.

In 1952, they decided to make a living by starting a new business, a small shop on Sant Antoni street. Feliu, a music lover, sold his saxophone and with the proceeds, bought his first sacks of coffee. While he roasted, sold, and distributed coffee to the most iconic hospitality venues in the city, his brother Armand was responsible for purchasing green coffee at its origin and managing the business accounts.

Together, they managed to create a strong company guided by the primary motto of providing a quality product to their customers. This is how, from its inception, they gained the trust of thousands of establishments throughout the territory that continue to believe in us.

Commitment to Our Environment

We invest in working with increasingly sustainable methodologies to reduce our CO2 footprint.

Our Values

We are committed to conveying the values that define us as a company to maintain the philosophy of effort and dedication.


In our Coffee Lab, we pursue innovation and adapt to the new needs of consumers.