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Optimum maintenance of automatic coffee machines and hygienic treatment of milk, coffee and water are essential for perfect coffee quality at all times. For easy maintenance, all JURA automatic coffee machines have a maintenance-free brewing unit that cleans itself at the touch of a button.

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The tried-and-tested original JURA cleaning tablets are constantly being optimised and further developed by our laboratory team. The new 3-phase cleaning tablet, the innovative result of intensive research, now offers even better results thanks to an additional protective phase which provides your coffee machine with long-term protection against mineral deposits. Application is as easy as ever.

With the innovative 3-stage cleaning tablets, you can clean, maintain and protect your JURA fully automatic coffee machine in a single application. This ensures hygienic cleaning, prolongs the service life and allows you to enjoy perfect coffee cup after cup.

For JURA, brilliant ecological intelligence has the same tradition as the sustainable use of resources and energy. That’s why JURA only uses a phosphate-free composition in its original cleaning tablets. The optimised formula guarantees the TÜV-certified hygiene of your coffee machine and at the same time protects the environment.

Enjoy perfect coffee every time thanks to TÜV-certified hygiene.

The independent international testing organisation TÜV Rheinland has awarded JURA the certificate for automatic machines for speciality coffees without microbiological contamination according to the strictest criteria.

This certificate certifies that: original preservation products, carefully matched to the electronic control programmes, guarantee a TÜV-certified level of hygiene and cleanliness in any JURA automatic speciality coffee machine.

In combination with the integrated, electronically controlled cleaning programme, the 3-stage cleaning tablet effectively dissolves coffee fat from the brewing unit to the coffee spout.

It not only cleans, but also seals all coffee lines, thus slowing down the settling of coffee fat in the long term. In addition, so-called chelating agents provide the automatic coffee machine with long-term protection against mineral deposits. This provides long-term protection.

This is how the cleaning process works

The brewing unit and brewing sieve are thoroughly rinsed with hot water at 80 °C. In addition, the highly effective formula of the cleaning tablet removes grease and oil residues from the coffee that can adulterate its taste and quality.

During the second phase, which is intended for preservation, special active substances seal the surfaces of the components, which prevents the adhesion of new coffee grounds and fats.

In the newly developed third phase, so-called chelating agents protect the automatic coffee machine permanently against mineral deposits.

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