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Coffee is 98 % water. It is therefore just as important that its quality is just as good to ensure a perfect coffee result. JURA has once again revolutionised water filtration with the new CLARIS Smart+.


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The water filtration system technology offers added hygiene in automatic coffee machines, right from the water tank. With CLARIS Smart+, you increase the protection, product safety and service life of your automatic coffee machine. To enjoy perfect coffee every day.

The CLARIS filter cartridge also has a reservoir at its lower end made of natural materials that stabilises the water in the tank and thus reduces limescale deposits at the bottom of the tank. It also works without additional energy and has no other effects either, just the movement of the water in the tank is enough to rinse the tank constantly and gently. As before, the upper part of the CLARIS filter cartridge filters the exact amount of water required for coffee preparation and for the perfect cup of coffee using an ion exchanger and activated carbon with an updraft principle.

In addition, thanks to RFID technology, the coffee machine detects whether a filter is present and automatically activates the corresponding mode. It continuously collects information on filter usage and warns when the filter capacity has been used up. Thanks to these qualities, changing the filter is easier than ever before and the CLARIS Smart+ is able to realise its full potential.

CLARIS Smart+ features the tried-and-tested updraft principle, which filters the exact amount required for each coffee preparation using a reservoir of natural materials. But there’s more. With its natural movement, the water always rinses the tank gently and is stabilised on contact. This results in fewer limescale deposits and maximum cleanliness in the water tank.

Thanks to their innovative formula, the filter cartridges are suitable for tap water all over the world. The impressive efficiency of the granulate enables the filtering of limescale to an adequate amount at all times (even with low water hardness) and the reduction of harmful and taste-impairing substances such as chlorine. However, other important minerals and fluorides, which add flavour to the coffee, are retained. Optimum limescale stabilisation in the water tank itself and efficient filtering during coffee preparation ensure the best hygiene and optimum water quality for the perfect coffee aroma.

JURA uses modern RFID technology to enable dialogue between the filter and the automatic machine. All machines with Intelligent Water System (I.W.S.®) automatically detect when a filter is inserted, automatically switch to filter mode and start rinsing. When the filter capacity is running low, the automatic machine will warn of the need for a filter change. If the filter is not changed, the machine will activate the descaling mode. The requirement for descaling will be displayed depending on the use of the machine. It can only be performed after removing the filter. Thanks to this, incorrect manipulations resulting from misinterpretations are now a thing of the past.

The independent international testing organisation TÜV Rheinland has awarded JURA the certificate for microbiologically contamination-free automatic machines for speciality coffees in accordance with the strictest criteria. This certificate certifies that: original care products, carefully matched to the electronic control programmes, guarantee a TÜV-certified level of hygiene and cleanliness in every JURA automatic speciality coffee machine.

Technical data

CLARIS provides the ideal water for perfect speciality coffees. The capacity of a filter cartridge depends on the degree of water hardness.

  • with 1-5° dH: up to 65 L
  • with 6-10° dH: up to 60 L
  • with 11-15° dH: up to 55 L
  • with 16-20° dH: up to 50 L
  • with 21-25° dH: up to 45 L
  • with 26-30° dH: up to 40 L

Limescale builds up when water is heated. This can not only prolong heating times and increase electricity consumption, but can also lead to the complete breakdown of a machine. Limescale not only damages your automatic speciality coffee machine, but also has a negative effect on the taste of the coffee. While it is true that in small quantities, limescale clearly has a particular taste, too high a limescale content creates an unpleasant aftertaste and prevents the aromas of the coffee from developing to their full potential due to fluctuations in water temperature.

Using the right water is decisive for the taste, as coffee is 98 % water. In many places, apart from calcium, minerals and fluorides, tap water also contains traces of lead, copper, aluminium and chlorine. Located directly in the water tank, the CLARIS filter purifies the water before each preparation, ensuring fresh water at all times. In this process, the filter absorbs all harmful substances and, at the same time, retains the important fluorides that act as flavour carriers during the propagation of the flavour. Thanks to the perfect composition of the water, every speciality coffee becomes the ultimate taste experience. With CLARIS, descaling is no longer necessary.

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