Working to Reduce Our CO2 Footprint

Embracing Sustainability

Alongside product quality, social responsibility stands as one of our core values. For this reason, we consistently invest in the development of increasingly sustainable methodologies that contribute to a more ecological, social, and responsible future.

We Contribute to Sustainable Development Goals

Self-consumption solar panels in our branches

Annual reduction of CO2 emissions

Replacement of lighting with low-consumption LED lights

Progressive substitution of hybrid vehicles for technical service and distribution

Our Certifications

At Cafés Pont, we are committed to developing products with environmental and ecological certifications. Some products, like our Sanjami coffee, bear the Rainforest Alliance seal, certifying that the coffee has been grown on farms with sustainable agricultural production and responsible supply chains.

We also offer certified organic coffees by CCPAE. This seal ensures that the coffee comes from organic farming, meaning it’s grown and processed without the use of chemical products.

Regardless of products accredited by a certifying body, at Cafés Pont, we regularly visit the main producers and exporters at the source to ensure responsible policies are being applied, extending our commitment to sustainability throughout the production process.